NEW AGENT FADE - RELEASE DATE, Abilities and MORE LEAKS - Valorant Guide
After a small drought in question to introduce new characters, valorant is prepared for the arrival of fade . The Tactical Shooter of Riot Games receives a new agent that will become the main competitor of Sova for getting information from the battlefield. Riot Games has already resolved all the unknowns with respect to the champion, offering all the details of her interesting skills and the particular single mechanics of follow-up of enemies that will characterize it when she finally joins the game.

Date and time of the launch of Fade

The new Turkish proccendance agent will join Valorant with the Premiere of Act 3 corresponding to episode 4 . The Riot Games cycle change is scheduled for the next patch that will reach the game. There may always be unforeseen, but it seems that developers have it well tied, having announced that it will join the game next April 27. Normally, the patches arrive at the central hours of the afternoon, although there is no exact time.

In summary accounts and unless changing plans, Fade will be released on April 27 between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time .

How to get Fade?

The new agent has many innovative features, but there is something in which Riot Games has not changed at all. The method of obtaining Fade will be the same as that of all other agents of the game . Therefore, we have two options to make us with it:

  • Select the contract of it and upload five levels from obtaining experience (free)
  • Buy it in the store at the time of your departure by 1,000 Valorant Points.

If we opted for the free form, the best thing we can do is play with friends . The most recommended way is Spike’s fever, although there is not so much difference in respect of experience obtained. It can be a somewhat tedious process, although surely worthwhile.