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Corona outbreak: Bavaria do not play in Milan either

51 million people affected by Covid-19 in China as outbreak shutters parts of the country
“In the case of the dealers, numerous tests were positive on the Corona virus within the squad and in the coach and home staff,” it said in the club message from Wednesday. A new appointment was not fixed. Already the catch-up game at Fenerbahce Istanbul had to be postponed. ## is the Berlin game in danger? On March 8, the Munich last played in Bonn, but in the top game against the pursuer, but at 61:96 significantly lowered. Since then, the ball is resting at the FCB, the games against UNICS Kazan, ratiopharm ulm and fenerbahce Istanbul could not be played. As well as the game against Milan. The question remains whether the runner champion on Sunday can deny the duel against Master Alba Berlin.

Who transmits? RB Salzburg against FC Bayern today live on TV

As in the group stage of the royal class, streaming providers also transfers the majority of games live in the K.-O.-rounds – as well as the away game of Bayern in Salzburg today on Wednesday (21 clock). Amazon Prime video may continue to show a Tuesday section exclusively per week. This also affects the final final return game between Bavaria and Salzburg on Tuesday, March 8th. The second game at this Wednesday – Inter Milan against the FC Liverpool – can also be seen only with Dazn. _ Overview: This is how Dazn and Amazon Prime Video share the eighth finale

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