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Werder Bremen: extreme objection of cops procedure

Numerous ultra teams as a result made a decision to premature return to Bremen.

At the Bundesliga newcomer, the problems created an absence of understanding in the run-up to the experience.

The usage of the Wolfsburg police against followers of the Bundesliga promoted Werder Bremen in front of the Nordduel (2: 2) could have a legal aftermath.

According to matching records, various fans of the Hanseatic web pages were browsed at the train terminal, as well as the individual details were also found.

Fanhilfe Bremen introduced a testimonial of the legality of the treatment on the part of the law enforcement police officers.


Werder Bremen slams Absolutely Unding

If guests are dealt with similar to this, it can not be football in the sense of the audience premature return. This is a development that we actually can’t approve, claimed Werder Head of state Hubertus Hess-Grunewald at the Sky microph1. Clemens Fritz, showing off supervisor of professional football, spoke of an absolute leap.

The game with regard to the safety scenario had actually still been categorized in the cheapest group at preliminary discussions at the start of the week.

2. League: FC St. Pauli misses return to the top

The FC St. Pauli has missed the return to the table tip of the 2nd league on the 30th match day after two weeks. Against Sandhausen it was only enough for a draw. In the evening, city trival Hamburger SV with a clear home win, his theoretical chance of climb

The reds, which waits a highlight on Tuesday with the semi-finals in the DFB Cup, defeated the Karlsruher SC 3-0 (2: 0) and shortened the residue on the relegation site at least for the time being for five points on the 30th matchday.

Robert Glatzel (23rd), Mario Vuskovic (32.) and Josha Vagnoman (68th) met for the HSV, who played after yellow-red against KSC defense chief Daniel Gordon from the 30th minute.

So that there is still a few years after the descent from the upper house with the return, the competition must also play vigorously – by stealing each other’s points. This can happen for example on Easter Sunday (13.30 / SKY), then Table Guide Schalke 04 and the fourth Darmstadt 98 at the Böllenfalltor opposite each other, the third Werder Bremen receives the fifth-placed 1st FC Nuremberg.

Three days before the pokal duel with the SC Freiburg (Tuesday, 20.45 / ARD and SKY), the team of coach Tim Walter presented itself in front of 24,892 spectators Best recovered from 0: 1 at Holstein Kiel and played practically 90 minutes on a gate.

Worth seeing was especially the directly transformed free-kick from central defender Vuskovic from a good 25 meters. The KSC, for which it is nothing more this season, had little to oppose.

2. League: St. Pauli misses return to the table top

The FC St. Pauli, who had issued the pole position at the beginning of April, had to settle himself with a 1-1 (1: 0) at the SV Sandhausen and prove with 53 meters for the time being two behind the dot table leaders Schalke 04.

On Sunday (13.30 clock), the royal blue with a victory at Darmstadt 98 as well as Werder Bremen with a success against the 1st FC Nuremberg but three points. Sandhausen has six points ahead of the relegation relegation place with 35 meters.

Guido Burgstaller met for the guests by faulfmeter (39.). It was the 18th season of the season for the Austrian, who had not previously met five games. Janik Bachmann (90. + 1) expected for the hosts.

The hamburger dominated from the beginning of the game, but clear scoring chances did not materialize. Only a penalty after video proof brought St. Pauli the lead. Burgstaller had gone to ground in the ballroom in the ballroom with Dario Dumic, referee Felix Brych had to continue playing.

Shortly after the rest, Marcel Hartel had the Grand Chance to 2-0 (49th) after a brilliant pass from Burgstaller, but the midfielder failed at Sandhausen Goalkeeper Patrick Drewes, who saved the reaction with the foot.

2. League: Fortuna misses victory against decimated 96

For Fortuna Düsseldorf has continued to expand its performance series in the 2nd football Bundesliga, but can not be able to victory against the opponent in the neighborhood. The Rhine countries had to comply with a zero number at the early decimated team of Hannover 96.

Hannover played in front of 17,200 fans from the 16th minute in the lower-mentioned, after Niklas Hult had seen the red card due to a emergency brake at Rouwen Hennings. The Fortuna has no longer lost since nine games.

Due to the REMIS, Düsseldorf claims 37 points to the lead in front of Hannover (36). 96 had recently won after four games without victory in episode 3: 1 at Erzgebirge Aue. Hannover tried after the red card to disturb the play flow of the guests and to prevent their attack efforts. That succeeded very well over wide route. The Forten has been waiting for a away win since December (3: 1 at Darmstadt 98).

2. League: Dresden misses important threesome in the relegation battle

Dynamo Dresden has missed a trendy threesome in the relegation champion of the 2nd football Bundesliga. The Saxons came against Holstein Kiel over a 0: 0 not beyond. With 29 points, the eight-time DDR master continues to occupy relegation platz 16, the residue on the SV Sandhausen at position 15 is further six counters.

For the storks, where coach Marcel Rapp completed his 43rd year on Saturday, an impressive series against dynamo came to an end. Previously, the North Germans had decided all seven duels for themselves. The Dresdner had only achieved two goals, but have to accept 18 hits.

Holstein Kiel vs St Pauli 3-0 | All Goals & Extended Highlights
Most recently, the Kieler had won 1-0 against Bundesliga founding member Hamburger SV. However, RAPP had to make five changes in its starting formation compared to the HSV match.

Already in the first minute, the guests had the first great opportunity to lead.
Kwasi Wriedt met with a Schlenzer, however, only the lath of the Dresdner Tores.
In the 31st minute Kiels Fabian Reese failed from a pointed angle to Torwart Kevin Broll.
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Only in the 36th minute the households had the first chance.
The shot of Michael Sollaber clarified Johannes van the mountain on the line.
In return Lewis Holtby failed to Broll.

Werder Bremen continues without Toprak

Ömer Toprak wieder verletzt! Vertrag endet, wie geht es jetzt mit dem Werder Bremen-Kapitän weiter?
Werder Bremen must refrain from Toprak in the rise race of the 2nd football Bundesliga. The 32-year-old defensive chief injured before the top game against the 1st FC Nuremberg (Sunday, 13:30 clock / sky) back to the calf.

“It happened in training, without the action of a counterpart. That’s very bitter for us and for him,” said Trainer Ole Werner and confirmed a report of the “Deichstube” from the previous day. Toprak had already missed the games against the 1st FC Heidenheim, Darmstadt 98 and SV Sandhausen because of an injury to the same calf, before he first gave his comeback last weekend in the FC St. Pauli.

How long the Champions League experienced defender will miss this time is still unclear. “We will make a diagnosis next week, then you can say something more accurate to the downtime,” said Werner. “I am an optimistic person. I do not write anything and no one prematurely – oils already not.”

The residual program of the 2nd Bundesliga

FC St. Pauli (51 points, goal difference +16)

Matchwinner & 2 Goals vs. Bayern - Adamyan’s Football Fairytale - From 4th League to Bundesliga

02.04. Hansa Rostock (A), 09.04. Werder Bremen (H), 16.04. SV Sandhausen (A), 23.04. SV Darmstadt 98 (H), 29.04. 1. FC Nuremberg (H), 07.05. FC Schalke 04 (A), 15.05. Fortuna Dusseldorf (H)

Werder Bremen (51 points, mortis difference +15)

03.04. SV Sandhausen (H), 09.04. FC St. Pauli (A), 17.04. 1. FC Nuremberg (H), 23.04. FC Schalke 04 (A), 29.04. Holstein Kiel (H), 08.05. Erzgebirge Aue (A), 15.05. Jahn Regensburg (H)

SV Darmstadt 98 (48 points, goal difference +19)

02.04. Holstein Kiel (H), 09.04. 1. FC Nuremberg (A), 17.04. FC Schalke 04 (H), 23.04. FC St. Pauli (A), 30.04. Erzgebirge Aue (H), 06.05. Fortuna Dusseldorf (A), 15.05. SC Paderborn 07 (H)

FC Schalke 04 (47 points, goal difference +21)

01.04. Dynamo Dresden (A), 09.04. 1. FC Heidenheim (H), 17.04. SV Darmstadt 98 (A), 23.04. Werder Bremen (H), 29.04. SV Sandhausen (A), 07.05. FC St. Pauli (H), 15.05. 1. FC Nuremberg (A)

1. FC Nürnberg (46 points, goal difference +6)

03.04. 1. FC Heidenheim (A), 09.04. SV Darmstadt 98 (H), 17.04. Werder Bremen (A), 24.04. SV Sandhausen (H), 29.04. FC St. Pauli (A), 08.05. Holstein Kiel (A), 15.05. FC Schalke 04 (H)

Hamburger SV (42 points, goal difference +19)

02.04. SC Paderborn 07 (H), 05.04. Erzgebirge Aue (H), 10.04. Holstein Kiel (A), 16.04. Karlsruher SC (H), 23.04. Jahn Regensburg (A), 30.04. FC Ingolstadt 04 (A), 07.05. Hannover 96 (H), 15.05. Hansa Rostock (A)

1. FC Heidenheim (42 points, goal difference -1)

03.04. 1. FC Nuremberg (H), 09.04. FC Schalke 04 (A), 17.04. Erzgebirge Aue (H), 23.04. Holstein Kiel (A), 29.04. Fortuna Dusseldorf (H), 07.05. Jahn Regensburg (A), 15.05. Karlsruher SC (H)

SC Paderborn 07 (37 points, goal difference +8)

02.04. Hamburger SV (A), 10.04. Karlsruher SC (H), 17.04. FC Ingolstadt 04 (A), 24.04. Hannover 96 (H), 30.04. Hansa Rostock (A), 06.05. SV Sandhausen (H), 15.05. SV Darmstadt 98 (A)

Karlsruher SC (37 points, mortis difference +6)

03.04. Fortuna Dusseldorf (H), 10.04. SC Paderborn 07 (A), 16.04. Hamburger SV (A), 22.04. FC Ingolstadt 04 (H), 29.04. Hannover 96 (A), 08.05. Dynamo Dresden (H), 15.05. 1. FC Heidenheim (A)

Jahn Regensburg (36 points, mortis difference +5)

02.04. Hannover 96 (A), 08.04. FC Ingolstadt 04 (H), 17.04. Hansa Rostock (A), 23.04. Hamburger SV (H), 30.04. Dynamo Dresden (A), 07.05. 1. FC Heidenheim (H), 15.05. Werder Bremen (A)

Hansa Rostock (34 points, goal difference -8)

02.04. FC St. Pauli (H), 08.04. Fortuna Dusseldorf (A), 17.04. Jahn Regensburg (H), 24.04. Erzgebirge Aue (A), 30.04. SC Paderborn 07 (H), 07.05. FC Ingolstadt 04 (A), 15.05. Hamburger SV (H)

Holstein Kiel (34 points, goal difference -9)

02.04. SV Darmstadt 98 (A), 10.04. Hamburger SV (H), 16.04. Dynamo Dresden (A), 23.04. 1. FC Heidenheim (H), 29.04. Werder Bremen (A), 08.05. 1. FC Nuremberg (H), 15.05. SV Sandhausen (A)

Fortuna Dusseldorf (32 points, goal difference -1)

03.04. Karlsruher SC (A), 08.04. Hansa Rostock (H), 16.04. Hannover 96 (A), 22.04. Dynamo Dresden (H), 29.04. 1. FC Heidenheim (A), 06.05. SV Darmstadt 98 (h), 15.05. FC St. Pauli (A)

Hannover 96 (31 points, goal difference -15)

02.04. Jahn Regensburg (H), 09.04. Erzgebirge Aue (A), 16.04. Fortuna Dusseldorf (H), 24.04. SC Paderborn 07 (A), 29.04. Karlsruher SC (H), 07.05. Hamburger SV (A), 15.05. FC Ingolstadt 04 (H)

SV Sandhausen (30 points, goal difference -14)

03.04. Werder Bremen (A), 10.04. Dynamo Dresden (H), 16.04. FC St. Pauli (H), 24.04. 1. FC Nuremberg (A), 29.04. FC Schalke 04 (H), 06.05. SC Paderborn 07 (A), 15.05. Holstein Kiel (H)

Dynamo Dresden (28 points, goal difference -10)

01.04. FC Schalke 04 (H), 10.04. SV Sandhausen (A), 16.04. Holstein Kiel (H), 22.04. Fortuna Dusseldorf (A), 30.04. Jahn Regensburg (H), 08.05. Karlsruher SC (A), 15.05. Erzgebirge Aue (H)

Erzgebirge Aue (19 points, goal difference -27)

01.04. FC Ingolstadt 04 (A), 05.04. Hamburger SV (A), 09.04. Hannover 96 (H), 17.04. 1. FC Heidenheim (A), 24.04. Hansa Rostock (H), 30.04. SV Darmstadt 98 (A), 08.05. Werder Bremen (H), 15.05. Dynamo Dresden (A)

FC Ingolstadt 04 (15 points, goal difference -30)

01.04. Erzgebirge Aue (H), 08.04. Jahn Regensburg (A), 17.04. SC Paderborn 07 (H), 22.04. Karlsruher SC (A), 30.04. Hamburger SV (H), 07.05. Hansa Rostock (H), 15.05. Hannover 96 (A)

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2. League: Thanks to Ducksch and Füllkrug! Bremen jumps to the top

Vienna train continued, table management conquered: Werder Bremen celebrated his seventh success in the 2nd Bundesliga successively and is climbed to the top after 2: 1 (0: 0) at Hansa Rostock at least until Sunday. Trainer Ole Werner lacks only a success for more than 40 years old Bremen Star Record of Otto Rehhagel from 1981.

After an eventless and competitive first half, Torjäger Marvin Ducksch (54.) broke the spell. Little later increased Niclas Füllkrug (74.), Rostock shortened by Robin Meißner (84th).

In the table, Werder moved past 41 points to Darmstadt 98, the Hesse, who had recently collected a 0: 5 against Hamburg’s SV, but can jump back to the top on Sunday with a victory at Hannover 96.

Meanwhile Werner’s Ex-Team Holstein fought himself at Erzgebirge Aue a 3: 2 (2: 0). For the KSV it was already the sixth game in a row without defeat, with 31 points Kiel lies on the tenth place. In spite of great morality, aue, after most of two defeats, missed an important spot profit in the fight for the league.

For Kiel, Finn Bartels (19th) met Sören Gontuer (38th, own goal) and Kwasi Wriedt (90th). Nikola Trujic (79.) and Jan Hochscheidt (84th) were successful for Aue. Soufiane Messeguem had seen the red card in the 42nd minute.

Again Ducksch and Füllkrug for Werder

Bremen had great problems with the attentive rostockers on Friday – with the bad condition of the lawn in the Baltic Sea Stadium. Inaccuracies and many two-fights shaped the game. Only Mitchell Weiser (37.) had a scorchance in the first passage, the conclusion of the Bremer parished Markus Kolke.

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Tabellenführung! Ducksch und Füllkrug schießen Werder auf Platz 1!| Rostock-Bremen 1:2| 2.Bundesliga
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Shortly after the break, Ducksch scored his 13th goal of the season. That played Bremen in the cards. Rostock had to risk now – and Werder opened spaces for counterattacks. One of them completed by Füllkrug successfully.

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