“We were very dominant, especially in the first half,” Tommy Stroot Konstated after the game. “In the second half we have defended a bit differently, but as we have implemented our plan for the game for 90 minutes, that was great. I am very proud,” says Wolfsburg Coach.

HIGHLIGHTS | Wolfsburg vs. Arsenal -- UEFA Women's Champions League 2021-22
Also Kathrin-Julia Hendrich, which was determined by the UEFA to the “player of the game”, was of course satisfied: “It feels great. I am so happy about our performance and think that we have earned the victory. The support of the Fans was great today, “said the Wolfsburg Center Defense, which was also stood up against the English women in the second half.

Praise also from the opponent

Praise for the performance of the Wölfinnen there was himself from the quarterfinal opponent: “They play very physically and demand a lot of their opponents. They have taken us in man coverage and played very aggressively, we had expected that, but did not find a tactical balance. I am Therefore disappointed about some aspects of our performance, “said Arsenals Swedish Coach Jonas Eidevall.

Anticipation on semi-final opponents Barça

The now upcoming semi-final duel with defending champion and pot favorite FC Barcelona was already ahead of his shadows right after the progress. “As a footballer you want to go into the big games. It was not easy and we had a strong opponent. Now we are looking forward to the semifinals,” said Hendrich. It looks like Stroot: “The anticipation is great to play both there as well as you receive with us. We know what a great team is, but we want to measure ourselves with the best trade fairs.”

And the 33-year-old coach is even optimistic that his team can still be a shoother: “I think we can play even better today. We have had an almost perfect appearance today. But I believe that we still have five percent can bring more. ” The is likely to be necessary against world footballer Alexia Putellas & Co. also.